Top Business Ideas In Mumbai

Published by LoveLocal on September 5, 2022

Are you looking for business ideas in the commercial capital of India- Mumbai? Formerly and very dearly known as Bombay, this city is India’s richest, with the highest GDP. It is not just the commercial capital of India, but you’d be surprised to know that it’s also one of the world’s premier global cities/an “Alpha World City” and one of the top 10 centres of commerce- globally!

Billions of people come to Bombay with their hearts full of dreams- dreams to make a name for themselves, dreams to make it big! The reason is that this city has innumerable opportunities for everyone, it welcomes everybody with open arms and allows them to turn their dreams into reality. So, if you are looking for new business ideas in Mumbai, you need not worry because in the city of dreams- ideas to start a business are everywhere, you just need to be observant.

Here are the top 8 business ideas in Mumbai:

1. Real Estate Agency

Bombay might be one of the biggest cities in India but it’s also the most populated Indian city, hence, the demand for real estate is high. If you are into real estate or you at least have an understanding of local properties in Maharashtra, the business idea of starting a real estate agency can be really prosperous for you.

2. Restaurant

Mumbai is filled with people from all walks of life- various cultures, religions, financial capabilities, etc. but the one thing that’s common among the people is that they love to eat. As much as they love their known food, they also love experimenting with different cuisines and food options. The city of Mumbai is the perfect place for you to open a restaurant/cafe or take a restaurant/fast food joint franchise.

3. Fitness Center

As much as the people of Mumbai love to eat, they love to stay fit as well. Whether it’s Bollywood celebrities or top businessmen, college students or home-makers, everybody loves to look good and fit. This is the main reason why fitness centres such as gyms, yoga centres, pilates classes, etc. are becoming extremely popular with every passing day in Bombay.

4. Preschools

Mumbai is known for its quality education- it houses some of the best schools and colleges in the country. Every parent who wants their children to get into these most reputed schools sends their kids to a good kindergarten in the city- somewhere they would receive a quality education as well as spend a good amount of time during the day, which helps the parents as they usually have a very busy life. You can either start one of your own or you can buy a franchise of a popular preschool in the city.

5. Photography & Videography

While this business idea requires a bit of investment in the beginning, it really is a very profitable one in the long run. Bombay is not just filled with celebrities who need to be clicked, it is also filled with newcomers who have come to the city of dreams to become successful actors/models and they too require photographers and videographers to build their portfolios.

6. Grocery stores

No matter how many grocery stores come up in the city, each one runs successfully because Mumbai really is populated and groceries are required by everybody. What runs even better are grocery stores, which also have an online presence, as people in Bombay live a very busy life and going to a physical store to buy products daily or even weekly is something they struggle with.

7. Medicine shop

Whether you open your own pharmacy or you buy a franchise of a popular one, it is going to give you money because medicine is something that is required by everyone- irrespective of their age, gender, sexuality, race, caste, or financial/social status. If you want to stand out among your competitors in this field, take your business to the next level and go online.

8. Fruits & Vegetables Store

Fruits and vegetables are sold like hot cakes in Mumbai because most people in this city are extremely health conscious and this makes it one of the most popular small business ideas in mumbai. It’s even better if you sell organic products! You can also choose to take your store online and attract more and more people. This way, you can increase your sales and also gain popularity in the market.

When it comes to business opportunities in Mumbai, the options are many, you just need to select one that interests you, you are knowledgeable about and that you feel will get you better results.

September 5, 2022
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